Sunday, May 19, 2013

Spellbinders 3D M-Bossabilities

 I love texture on a card! I was thrilled when Spellbinders came out with M-Bossabilities as there are two designs and I like the larger size (compared to many folders). Then they came out with 3D M-Bossabilities! I couldn't imagine the design being deeper, but these things are amazing. As a crafter who kept a notebook of "texture items" to put through my Wizard back in the day (I cut up baskets, screen, had just about every type of gutter guard made....etc), I was just thrilled how easy these make it to achieve a deep sculpted surface!
The 3D folders, due to their depth, provide only one design per folder (compared to those not 3D that have two designs per folder) but there are six different designs available. I also like the larger size of 5 by 7 inches. That size is perfect for a framed piece, like the one below. If you want to make a smaller card, just choose a portion of the design and use that only.
The shell examples above were made with watercolor paper and then the color one was water colored and the other had ink applied. You can also use these for letterpress. Apply ink with a brayer and then insert paper and run through the Grand Calibur.
 Above and below, I used the Ornamental Swirls 3D folder. In June, I am the guest designer for the Quietfire Blog, Quietfire Creations. Above is a little sneak peek of the project I having coming up there in early June. I have used Spellbinders projects and Quietfire images together for years as I think they both have such a classy look! Be sure and check out the Quietfire blog and website!

 This basket weave really takes me back to my texture folder of actual baskets that I had cut up! Look at that detail!
 Aren't these cogs fun? You almost expect to see the gears to begin to turn! Here again, you can cut up the sections and use them individually if you want a smaller portion.
I am just beginning to play with these folders, but I can tell that it is going to be a long lasting relationship!


Jan Castle said...

Thanks for sharing Holly...will have to check these 3D M-B's out! Congrats on being on Quiet Fire...a great site to be sure!
Paper Hugs,

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