Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Don't Whine..Use Twine!..The Twinery and Serendipity Stamps Blog Hop

Do you get bored with the same embellishments?

An embellishment that I enjoy using is twine. Here are some examples of ways to use twine, all used with Serendipity Stamps and twine from The Twinery.

When I was asked to take part in this blog hop, I could not resist!

I love nautical themes, lighthouses and die so what is not to love about the new Serendipity Stamps
lighthouse die and stamps set? It is so simple to cut a backing for the lighthouse with whatever color you want your stripes to be. 

Below, you can see that I have used twine as edging and as an embellishment (netting that I made with the solid natural twine) on this side step card.

Here is another nautical themed card where I used twine as edging, as an embellishment for a stamped image (on the sailboat) and as a closure.

 It would look nice to place eyelets in the holes for the closure, but I thought of that after photographing the card.

 As you open the card (kind of a diorama), you can see another use of twine to create a lifesaver as well as the hand tied netting like on the previous card.

Another theme that I think works very well with twine is sewing. Here the edging is a blanket stitch around the card. I also embellished the stamped images such as the spool of thread, quilted heart as well as adding twine to the die cut "Hello" and actual buttons used on the heart.

All three of these cards use my favorite coloring medium, watercolor. To create paper that would match my quilted heart on the card above, I did a wet on wet wash using the same colors and then die cut the Hello from that paper.

While you can use twine on most any card or scrapbook layout, I think it works great with the nautical and sewing themes.

In addition to the Lighthouse set from Serendipity Stamps, I used Whelk Shell Small, Joy is a Net, Hello die, Sewing and Quilted Hearts Set. In addition to the natural solid twine, I used Midnight blue stripe, Maraschino Solid, Honeydew Stripe, Blossom Stripe and Lilac Stripe.

As with most blog hops, there are PRIZES! Visit the Serendipity Stamps Facebook page, The Serendipity Stamps Blog and The Twinery Blog for details!

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Thanks for stopping by! I can't wait to see all the ways to use twine that will be featured in this blog hop!


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Phineas and Ferb Birthday Party

 For Jackson's third birthday party, he wanted a theme of Phineas and Ferb, a Disney show. For the cake, I made a pound cake in a loaf pan and created a Perry the Platypus cake, using vanilla wafers and cookies for the decorations.
The cupcakes were decorated with skateboards, picks and "3"s that I either bought at Party City or made to use as picks.

 Jackson had a Perry shirt and I had picked up a fedora hat for him to wear.

 His parents also brought some wall hangings from Party City.

 On the television, we were playing....Phineas and Ferb.

 Even little Harper Grace enjoyed the cupcakes! She is getting ready for her first birthday later this month.

I made him a Perry card to go with my gift.....he got a lot of Super Heros! It was a fun party!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Yoda Star Wars Costumes

 My daughter wanted to have a Star Wars theme for their Halloween costume, so here is what we came up with. For two year old Clayton, his Yoda costume consisted of a ladies mock turtleneck shirt that I cut down the front, cut off the sleeves some and raised the armhole. The fabric I cut off the sleeves, I used to make a faux hood on the back.
For Yoda's ears, I got a fleece hat that fit Clayton and then sewed two pieces of green fleece over the original hat, inserting the "ears" in the seams. I used pipe cleaners in the ears to give them some body so they would stand out. Since Yoda is old, I added some batting for the wispy white hair that Yoda has in the movie. I added green fleece feet to a pair of brown leggings and added a piece of elastic on each leg that would go under his shoes. He carried a walking stick. I made the sleeves long rather than making something to go on his hands, as I did not think he would tolerate something on his hands.
 For Princess Leia and Obi One Kanobe costumes, we used patterns shown a few photos below.
 Here are some close ups of Yoda's costume pieces.

 Obi One Kanobe's costume consisted of the tunic and cape from the above pattern. For Princess Leia, I choose the other pattern to get the sleeves and neck. I should have just extended the length of it and given it a flair as the skirt went down, and then used the belt I made, but instead I made a top and a skirt. Live and learn! I did add a draped faux hood on the back of the princess dress that was sewn into the shoulder seams.

Isn't that the cutest Yoda you have ever seen? They did win first place for team costumes at their trunk or treat!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Gibbs Gardens in Autumn

 Gibbs Gardens is located in Ball Ground, GA in Cherokee County (north of Atlanta). It is home to the largest Japanese gardens and is beautiful all four seasons, but especially spring and fall! These photos were taken a week before the "peak" color is expected, but I don't think I could handle much more beauty than this! The maple to the left of the wedding gazebo is just breath taking!

 All the water just doubles the beauty, as you see it twice in the reflections!

 In the gardening section of the current Southern Living Magazine, Jim Gibbs gives tips on selecting plants and placement. I am not sure what the plant is below, but they were so pretty, giving much color and texture to the garden!

 Gibbs Gardens just opened last year, but has been years in the making. Landscaping expert and award winner, Jim Gibbs, has lived here since the 80's and has made it his dream to eventually open it up for others to share. I made sure that I bought a yearly pass so I could see it in all the seasons! The daffodil display is amazing in the spring!

 The manor overlooks the beginning of the Appalachian chain of mountains, the first being Mount Oglethorpe. Also in the view is Springer Mountain, where the Appalachian Trail begins.

I hope you enjoyed this look at autumn in Georgia at Gibbs Gardens. If you have the chance to visit, be sure not to miss it! I heard a lady comment yesterday, "Wow, I never dreamed it was this big!" There is a tram available for a small fee if you aren't up to walking.