Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Money gifts

Last year, I folded the money I was giving as gifts into these cute reindeer. Someone on Gingerwood posted the link and I really don't remember where it was. This year, Susan from Gingerwood, posted the You Tube link to make this wallet. It is a lot easier :-) There are places for gift cards too.
I still am trying to make money into boots or stockings. I found directions but I was not very successful on my first try. Hopefully I will eventually be successful....if so I will post the finished ones. Of course, the reindeer could be turned upside down and used as stockings.....that is IF I remembered how to make the reindeer!!!! Ho, ho, is rough getting old!

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PaperPrincess said...

Hello, Today is my first post with you. I love your site. Full of not only great projects, but also grat family event photos. Thanks so much for sharing.