Sunday, January 31, 2010

Martha Stewart Crafts Scoring Board

I know what you are thinking...Oh No! not another scoring board! With my OCD, I have the Scor-it in different sizes, the Score Pal, the Aleene's box maker, envelope templates that you tear or trace or name it, I have it!!!

Just like the Sketcher's Shape Up Shoes, I have three pairs of those only preceded by a pair of MBT Tennis shoes ($250!!), a pair of the Avia rocking type shoes and a pair of the MBT sandals my husband bought me for Christmas. I do love those shoes!!! I said at Christmas that if I was going to a party and couldn't wear my Sketcher Shape Up mary janes, then I just wasn't going! Take my iPhone and my rocking shoes from me and I would not be a happy camper!

So, with that said, you might think Oh, Holly just got another toy! Well, this is the best overall scoring tool I have found! No, it doesn't do the true hinge fold that the Scor-it does, but if I had to choose just one tool to make boxes, envies and cards, this would definitely be it!

It comes with three pieces, the board, the diagonal envelope maker and the bone folder. The cool thing is that there are hiding places for the two extra pieces. See above the little compartment will hold the bone folder and there are measurements for a plethora of projects! If you don't speak English, the labels are there in other languages that you can put over the English ones. Down at the bottom is a slot where the triangle slides in and is stored!

The scoring lines are every 1/8 of an inch, with the quarter inch marks and eighth inch marks being different colors so they are easy to see. There is also a little mark at the beginning 1/16th so that when you are making a box lid, you start measuring there.

In addition to the measurements being in the compartment, the measurements for the envies are all right there on the triangular piece. All you need to make cool crisp envies to match your card is the tool, paper, a pair of scissors and some adhesive. I played around with making a box and it was so easy! I used Zig Two Way glue to secure the seams on the envelope and if I want it to be resealable when I close the envie, I will just use the 2 way glue and let it dry. It will then be repositionable. The scissors are used to clip a little triangle that is between flaps A and B in the diagram on the triangle above.
The places for scoring are deep enough, but not too deep and the bone folder fits very nicely in the grooves.
I love to make boxes, but sometimes the instructions can be hard to understand. These instructions are very easy. They show how to score cards, envies and a box. Once you do that, you can change the sizes and make your pieces as large as your paper allows you to make.

Yes, I do design artwork for EK Success who makes this tool, but they do not pay me to review tools like this....I just did it because I think it is a very "good thing" and wanted you to know about it! Now I wonder if there is room and money for me to get a black pair of rocking sandals for summer........
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Jackie said...

I had to have that one, too, to go with the ScorIt and Scor Pal that I already have. I use it more than the other two but have found that the measurements for the envelopes are a little off. The envelopes end up too much bigger than the cards, so I made notes to myself to use when I make them. I also have (just one) pair of the Avia rocker shoes and I love them!

Nena said...

Thank you for the review!! I just
bought one from Michael's with my
coupon and am so excited about
using it. Now I don't feel guilty
anymore that I have another scoring

Alice Wertz said...

thank you so much for this helpful and informative reivew! I think i'll have to give it a try!!

nise said...

Hmmm. I have been wanting a scoring board and was debating between the Scor-it and Scor-Pal. Guess it was a good thing that I couldn't make up my mind. Will probably invest in this one (with the help of a Michael's coupon) later this year. Thanks!!

Jan Castle said...

Oh noooooooooooooo, I'll have 3 if I get this one too! LOL! Thanks Holly for the I need you here to show me how to use it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Once I got past you and your commenter's litanies of conspicuous consumption, I did enjoy your review of the score board. I have been wanting one, but the Scorepal is about my total annual craft budget. Maybe with a coupon I can swing it!

Cathy in Az said...

I didn't get one with directions to make a box and find the flap for the score tool VERY hard to open. Other than that I'm more than satisfied with it's operation.
Cathy in Az

Jacki Marie said...
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Jacki Marie said...

I was going to do a review, but since you already have, I'm linking to yours, ok? This is my third scoring tool and if I had to do all over again, I would save my money and just get this one. I like each of them for different reasons and they each have pluses and minuses.

We need to get together soon, Holly. :)

Anonymous said...

I have made a 4" x 4" card and now I want to make an envelope with MS scoring board. Can someone help me calculate the original size of paper and where my "a" and "b" line scores would be? Thanks.

Grineeda Hobob said...

Thanks for the review. You obviously know a lot more about scoring than I do, so I feel confidant about choosing this product. It's on sale at Michael's this week (50% off), so I'm hoping to get by and pick one up.