Monday, February 1, 2010

Altering T Shirts

T shirts aren't always the most exciting apparel, so for the CHA Supershow, I did some tweaking on my two shirts. We were giving them away to those that signed up on the website and one of the gals that got one at the show went home and rebuilt hers and posted it on Spotted Canary. It was amazing how much better it looked! She has before and after photos....just look for it in the new stuff on You might have noticed that in the photo I posted that had Joy and Tara in it, they had also rebuilt their shirts. I plan on posting mine on the website too, but thought I would share them with you here also.

Well, I have lost 40 lbs. now (yeah!!!!!), but I still need all of the cloth on my XL tshirt, so I altered mine in other ways. Above, you see that I knitted a little boa (just ten stitches wide), then cut openings around the neck of the tshirt and wove the boa through those openings. They met on the side and I think it really dressed up the shirt and gave it a new look.
I will take the boa out when I wash the shirt and then just weave it back through.
Another thing I did was added a Jolee's Hot Fix Rhinestone for the eye. These are flat back rhinestones that have the glue on them already. You can apply them to apparel and really jazz them up. I used the Hot Fix tool that is available, but I think you could use an iron or one of the little Clover irons too if you are just trying it out.
For my other shirt, I added buttons to build a nest for my spotted canary and give it a button eye. We had buttons with our spotted canary names on them, as did anyone that signed up.

At the end of the show, we gave away all the extra MITI supplies that we had left and I was worried it was going to get really ugly. People were very nice though and would pass things to other people, were not greedy and acted very gracious. One little Hispanic lady with gnarled arthritic hands that I had helped do a make and take, just kept thanking us and was trying to clean the Kraft paper that was on the table, saying "Let me help you clean up"....we assured her that the table cover was just going in the trash, but that we really appreciated her offer of help. Sometimes you just smile and are happy when people are nice!
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Jan Castle said...

Plush Tee!!! Now we really want to see you model it!!! Congrats on your weigh are one determined lady!!!