Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Spotted Canary Shirts and Bag

Okay, last post about the Supershow. I wanted to give you a closer look at Kara's shirt that she rebuilt. You can not see it, but there is a tie that she added coming from the side seams going to the back to tie in a bow.

I don't have a close up of Joy's shirt (who is a tiny little thing....a large shirt would swallow her), but she cut the shirt open on the sides and cut the banding off the neck and then made holes for lacing strips (cut off the bottom). Imagine a wedding dress that lacing up the back or even tennis shoes with the laces crossing over each other. With her short hair cut and small size she reminded me of a little tinkerbell with her fitted shirt. Just trying to give ideas for ways you can alter t-shirts if you have one that is too big or if you just want to make it more interesting!

Corrine (above) was my roomie. I did not know her before the show, but when I looked on line and saw this slim face, I thought, Oh no, she will never understand my need to stay on WW on this trip. Come to find out, she is a lifetime member and lost 88 lbs. a few years ago! We had so much in common (other than she didn't know what grits were - she was from CT - she asked me what a grit looked like LOL!), both enjoying photography, writing and drinking hot tea! Corrine did not alter her shirt, so she just sported a yellow feather boa! I am so glad I got to know Corrine!
Above, Jessica is explaining all about Spotted Canary....have you signed up yet?
This is the little bag I did for one of the contests on the site. I used needle punch for the first time on this project. It is fun to learn new things and meet new people! Now, did I ask you if you had signed up for Spotted Canary? I expect to see you there. Become my friend...my name is Renaissance Crafter as like the Renaissance Man, who knows something about many things, I love to try all different types of crafting! See you there!
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Jan Castle said...

YES...I did join...not sure what I am in for, but think it will be fun! Thanks, Holly,
Jan Castle