Wednesday, February 3, 2010

St. Simons Island Lighthouse

On the road again! Well, I lucked out this year and the trip to St. Simons did not conflict with CHA. With all my new camera equipment, I was all ready this year to pay the fee and walk to the top of the lighthouse! As soon as we arrived in the room, I took off on foot (have to get my daily walk in!) and head down to the lighthouse, the village and the pier. I walked up to the lighthouse and what did I see? Scaffolding!!! Boooooooooo! They were closing up the museum and I asked, So I guess this means the lighthouse is not open to go up into! It will be opening back up this spring, so hopefully, I get to come back next year.
This was actually my first view of the lighthouse as I walked. I love the trees on the coast.
Our room at the King and Prince has old photos on the walls. I like to play with sepia and b&w. You can see the moon coming up...full moon this weekend (I am actually typing this on the 29th)
More photos to follow!
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Jan Castle said...

Bummer! Hopefully you can go back in the any rate, I enjoyed your pics!