Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Barnsley Resort Adairsville Georgia

Last week, my husband had a meeting at Barnsley Resort, north of Atlanta. I tagged along and am I glad I did! I loved this place! It had history, scenery, gardens, good food....great place! The accommodations were built like little houses or cottages, with high ceilings, claw foot bath tubs and wonderful toiletries from the Spa (Lavender mint....yes, I am going to have to buy some!) Above was our porch, where I sat and read, overlooking the pond down below.
My husband played golf but they also had a pool, hunting trips, horseback riding, etc. There is a lot to do!
We had breakfast at the Woodlands Grill below, overlooking the golf course.

The ruins of the manor were fascinating to me! A tornado took the roof off in 1906, leaving the brick structure. What a great place for a wedding! There is a museum (in the building that was the kitchen) with a lot of information. I really enjoyed looking at the items and history there.

 Below is the Rice House built in 1854. I never quite figured out what was in the house, but it was lovely to look at!

More of the gardens and manor....I liked it so much, I made two trips to see it, one in the afternoon and one in the morning!

Our cottage was next to the swan pond and golf course.

Yes, I will have to return....after all, I have to go back and get some of the lavender Mint cream and soap!


Jan Castle said...

A photographer's delight! Wonderful tour Holly...TFS!

Anonymous said...

You are still the very best tour guide, Holly! I wanna go, too! Thanks for sharing the peace and tranquility of your trip. Happy Holidays -- nise