Thursday, June 4, 2015

First Birthday Party

My youngest granddaughter turned a year recently, so I thought I would post some photos of some of the crafting and cooking we did for it. We had seen this idea on Pinterest where the child holds the letters to spell ONE. I purchased paper mache letters and painted them white. We took her rocking chair outside and had a little photo session.

Even the outtakes were cute, but I might be prejudiced. Neither of my granddaughters want anything in their hair, as much as it pains me!

We also did a little wardrobe change. The little dress below is so delicate, just like little Lara. All the kids should be here for Father's Day, so today, I bought the letters D, A and P, thinking I could do photos to create "DAD" and "PAPA".  But with four grandchildren, ages four down, best laid just have to roll with the punches!

For her cake, we did the rose look. We did not have small cake pans so we did regular round pans and then I used a large round cookie cutter to cut the smaller "layers". We applied a crumb layer and then used a 1M tip to create the roses (a 2D will also work). It was a little fancy for a one year old, but it suited Lara. The theme of the party was birds so I made bird cookies and number 1 cookies and Allison made cupcakes.

We used the ONE on the mantle and then displayed the photo shoot through chromecast on Google+. If you have a smart TV, you might have an app on the TV that will allow you to show a slide show.
First we thought of printing some of the photos and displaying them, and then I said why don't we just show them on the television?

Also for the mantle, I created a banner, simply die cutting circles to which I added a folded rectangle, so the circle could be slid along the ribbon. The letters I die cut out of HVAC silver tape, which picked up the light well as the ceiling fan moved them around. Allison also had a onsie embroidered with Lara's name, a one and a bird in the party colors.

We did an ice cream bar, above Harper enjoying hers. Lara tasted the cake, but I think she was more interested in the balloons attached to her high chair.

And here are the boys also. When they are all four together, they can be a handful! Lara decided to begin walking right after her birthday, so she is really on the move now! Hope you enjoyed seeing some of the details of Lara's first birthday!


Jan Castle said...

WOW, have they all grown!!! Sooooooo cute Holly! Thanks for sharing the pictures - I really enjoyed them!
Paper Hugs,

zerry ht said...

Happy birthday Holly! Looking so cute, I hope you had enjoyed your birthday with full of happiness. I want to know that did you hire any party planner for this birthday party. If yes please share his/her full details. I would like to hire planner for party halls in Boston MA.