Sunday, May 5, 2013

Big Apple Circus

I think it is time for a grandchild update! Jim and I took Jackson to see the Big Apple Circus when it was in the Atlanta area in February. Jackson is a typical two year old and one of the first things he told me when we arrived was "No photos, please!" As you can tell, I did not listen to him!

Jackson decided these empty seats were more inviting than his Papa's lap, so he made himself at home, even inviting a new friend to join him.....and stayed there after the ticket holders arrived!

He did come back to us after the intermission (he wanted food!) but he wasn't too sure about this clown picking him up and taking his Papa.

This one ring circus was very entertaining and was perfect for a two year old! I think he would have been overwhelmed with a larger circus. We were very happy with the Big Apple Circus!

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Anonymous said...

Just the right age for this outing...know you had fun too!!!!