Saturday, May 4, 2013

Gibbs Gardens Ballground Georgia

 Just north of Atlanta, Gibbs Gardens is located around the home of a landscaper who opened his beautiful garden to the public in March 2012. This spring, I decided this would be the place I would visit and buy an annual membership. It is famous for it's daffodil plantings so I visited in March. As you can see, the daffodils are quite impressive.

 I was under the weather on that first visit, so I did not see all there was to see. On my next visit, I made sure I walked up to the manor and walked through the Japanese Gardens.

 Gibbs lives in this house and it is landscaped beautifully!

 The Japanese gardens were just gorgeous and went on and on and on! I was amazed!

 I loved the fern dell and all the statuary on the grounds.

 Most of the planted daffodils had finished blooming, but there were many varieties blooming in planters so you could see the different types.
The rhododendron were just beginning to bloom when I was there a couple of weeks ago, with many more to come. Then the hydrangeas and day lilies will be coming. The autumn will be so pretty here. I look forward to seeing all the seasons at Gibbs Gardens!

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Jan Castle said...

Marvelous pictures Holly!!!!! The daffodils remind me of 'Daffodil Hill' in No. entire large area in the CA hills planted with nothing but daffodils....everywhere!!! It is only open in the Spring! Lovely place to picnic with the peacocks roaming the area. The other pics remind me of Portland Japanese Gardens...inspiring places to visit! You will have many hours of pleasure out of your membership! I'm sure.