Saturday, June 23, 2012

Eden Gardens State Park, Ft. Washington, Florida

 On the way to Destin, Florida, I noticed a sign for Eden Gardens State Park and decided that I would visit during my stay at Destin. This sign gives the history of the home that is on the property, which can be toured Wednesday - Monday, on the top of the hour from ten until three.
In the home is a collection of antique Louis XVI furniture, one of the largest collections around. The movie Frogs was shot here.
 It is a beautiful southern home. The lady who purchased the home, was a member of the Maxon family, whose company sold the hydraulic lifts like you will see on the back of trucks.

 The cost to enter the park was four dollars per car and an additional four dollars for each adult taking the home tour. There are azaleas and camelias on the property, but they were not in bloom in summer. There were a few roses.
Weddings are often held here and there is even a tree called the wedding tree. There are several picnic tables out by the water and a very nice bathroom facility and a stage that would be lovely for a wedding cake.

 We took a picnic and enjoyed it down by the water. I thought this sidetrip was a nice diversion from the beach! I love southern homes and the liveoaks with the spanish moss. I enjoyed seeing the furniture that featured petitpoint needlework as well.

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Jan Castle said...

What a lovely home for a photographer...right up your alley! Glad you had the opportunity to go!
Paper Hugs,