Friday, June 22, 2012

Amelia Island

 I checked and I did have a couple of photos I took on my iPhone of a turtle nest and the creek on the property (love those trees, spanish moss and reflections!) as well as three I took from our balcony of the storms! There was a turtle nest near our condo at Destin also, where I don't recall seeing nests before.

Yes, it was pretty much a washout as far as the weather goes, but at least it wasn't hot! I did get to see an old friend on Friday and as we walked around Fernandina, it was nice temperature wise!

I do have previous posts of Amelia Island Plantation, Fernandina Beach and a post about life being a day at the beach. Just search Fernandina or Amelia and they should come up.

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Jan Castle said...

Super sky photos Holly...stormy weather has its perks!