Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sandestin, Florida

Last week, we were in Destin, Florida and stayed at The Luau at Sandestin.
Our daughter, Allison, and her family joined us for a few days.
The Luau has a sunset balcony on the 20th floor, which I enjoyed, but I never was up there at sunset!

 Clayton enjoyed walks and pool time, but did not care at all for the beach. The sound of the surf scared him, so we did not spend much time on the beach.

 Our condo was in the building on the left in the photo above. Craig and I walked Clayton one morning over to the dock on the bayside and there is usually a bird waiting for a fisherman's handout.

 Walking provided a good chance for hime to take a nap! At first he seemed to like the sand, but when Allison took him near the water, he was terrified.

 We were doing photos of her family and I saw this gazebo near Pompano Joe's where we were eating dinner, so we used it in some of the photos. I took their photos at Destin two years ago in June after the oil spill. A lot can change in two years!

Jim and I went to Amelia Island the week before, but we had terrible weather, stormy and rainy, so I never even took my camera out. We did visit a new place near Destin that I will share, however.

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Jan Castle said...

Everything looks ideal!!! Don't worry, Clayton will soon LOVE the water and you will be needing to get him swimming lessons...LOL! They certainly do grow up quickly!!!
Paper Hugs,