Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Using HVAC tape for diecutting

 We have discussed using label paper or adhesive paper for diecutting, but here is another sticky paper I love to use...HVAC Tape. It is used for taping air conditioning ducts and is found at DIY stores, etc. It comes in different widths and has a liner on the back.

Here, I have used it to create these silver bells cut with a Memory Box die. I wanted to make tags to use with these treat bags. The ties that come with the bags are silver, so I decided to add a touch of silver.

Notice also that instead of making just a single flat tag, I scored the cardstock and had the folded edge inside the diecutting area, so that I get a tag that opens and has a place inside for a message. This tag die is also Memory Box.

Another cool thing about this tape is that it easy to color it. I am cutting Chrismas ornaments out of it and am going to try airbrushing it with Copics to match the postage stamps for this year. Foil tape is also great to pick up details when embossed.

HVAC Tape....a very cool thing!


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