Monday, November 7, 2011

Step Cards

I love step cards, pop up cards, easel cards....any type of card that has dimension. There are several tutorials on creating step cards, but you can also make your own design to match the elements of your card. I shared with you previously that I designed a couple of cards for Operation Christmas Card on the Spotted Canary website, one of which was a step card and another a pop up card.
 You can create your own template to match the size of your embellishments or envelope. Here I began with the four inch square with the wreath. I begin a card with something like that, not knowing in what direction I will head. I also had envelopes I wanted to use, so I made the overall size match the envelope. The side steps are adjustable in size so I adjusted them to match my envelopes. The distance for the A sections above must match. When you fold all the mountain folds, the valley fold will score at the right place. I make a sample template for the size I want before beginning with the "real" cardstock. This is a center step cards, but you can also make a step on just one side.

I knew I had plenty of this green cardstock, the gold ribbon and envelopes in a specific size as well as the squares with the wreaths on them, so I began from there and this is what I ended up with. I also added some rhinestones on the wreath for a little bling.

 I used an EK Success border leaf punch to punch leaves for my wreath as well as using it on sticky back cardstock to place across my inside panel. I will use the punched leaves from the sticky back cardstock on my wreath also, popdotting some of the leaves for more dimension.

I like using this Bible verse stamp from Serendipity Stamps as it can be used for so many a fall card for Thanksgiving, a sympathy card, a birthday card....and it can be used for any season. I think the recipients of this card will enjoy it. I think making step cards is fun!

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