Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween Cards

 Ok, maybe this is a week late, but I was at Allison's for Halloween, but when I returned home, I had some wonderful cards waiting for me and I wanted to share them with you. All of these cards are designed so well and have so many wonderful details. Maybe they will give you ideas for next year or for other type cards.
Laura (above) created a card using punches (she is the punch queen) made into stylized candy cool! Love the glitter circle also.
Tina (below), used shrink plastic for the ghost and tombstone....and as Tina always does, so many layers and details. I always love her cards. Love the way the paper is colored in the background behind the haunted house....watercolor?

 Clayton had also received a card like the one above from Yunetta. This card has some lovely glitter work on the image. Wish glitter showed up in photos like it looks in real life. I love window cards! Great design!
 Kathy, one of the most faithful card senders I know, did the wonderful card above using embossing folder on beautiful paper that has the prettiest sheen to it (does not show up in photo). She also did something really cool on the candles to make it look like there is was dripping down the candles...maybe some kind of pen or smooch? I will have to email her.
And of course, the details on the envelopes....always such a welcome sight when you get the mail!
Thanks for all the Booooootiful cards! I really appreciate them!

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