Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Clayton at home

 Clayton has been home for two weeks and he is doing well. Craig had the first week home from work for fall break and then I came to spend a little over a week. Of course, there were a few photos taken!
 Clayton is on a monitor from the hospital, which shows his breathing and heartbeats. When he gets upset and his heart rate goes over 230, a very loud alarm goes off. More important, when he doesn't take a breath for twenty seconds, a very lout alarm goes off. That has only happened to me once and it is scary. There are instructions on the fridge for doing infant CPR, but hopefully, we won't need that!
 Above is the outfit Craig came home in the hospital in, but it is still too large for Clayton.
Above, Allison is adjusting the monitor leads. This stays on him, along with the cords and the attached monitor, all the time except for bath time. It means he is not very mobile, as it is a load to carry him and the monitor around. But, if having him home means having a monitor, then we will deal with the monitor! More photos to share!


Jan Castle said...

What a cute outfit...I'm sure Clayton will give Craig a run for his money...LOL!
Clayton looks wonderful and it's so good to learn he is doing well - I know that cheers your heart too!
Love and hugs,

Becky said...

Precious, precious, precious!