Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Jackson's birthday party

 The theme of Jackson's birthday party was football. His mother graduated from the University of Alabama School of Law and Jason was raised as a Florida Gator fan, so they have a house divided. This year, Alabama definitely had the better team! Jackson had his own cake to demolish and really enjoyed the balloons.

 I found this bib for Jackson when I was in Salem, Oregon. It was nice and big, which is good when handing a cake to a one year old!

 At first, Jackson was very dainty touching the cake but he got into the action of playing in the cake. He did eat some, but I think he just enjoyed playing in the cake better.

 This wide eyed look he gets reminds me of a photo of Jessica when she was a little girl.

Lots and lots of presents! They are coming over to visit cousin Clayton over Thanksgiving weekend, so I think Jim and I will come back and bring his mother.....photo session with both boys together!!! Fun times!

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Jan Castle said...

Great birthday party pictures Holly...know he will enjoy them when he is older! Hope you ate a piece of birthday cake for me!