Thursday, October 20, 2011

Stone Mountain Park, Georgia

 I moved to the Atlanta area twenty five years ago and though I had passed through Atlanta many times in my life, I really did not know what Stone Mountain was until I moved here. One of the largest pieces of granite in the world, it has a carving with three men from the Civil War carved on the face.

During the summer, a laser show is shown on the face of the carving, while in winter the lawn is used for snow fun like sledding (man made snow). I also love the Daisy Festival, the largest craft show in the southeast, which is held the weekend after Labor Day. Numerous festivals and walks are held throughout the year and attractions, like the Ducks (I rode one in Boston) and cable car draw a crowd. I love to walk up the backside of the mountain to the top.

 Another interesting thing at Stone Mountain is the covered bridge and grist mill, seen below. The covered bridge was moved here from the Athens area (which is the general area of the Watson Mill Bridge from yesterday's post).

Autumn is such a beautiful time of year to explore things in your area!


Jan Castle said...

Such pretty pictures...loved the tour...thanks for sharing with all of us!!!
Paper Hugs,

Vivian Lindsay said...

Beautiful pictures!! You are amazing!