Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Label Paper in Paper Crafting

 When I find the little pads of adhesive paper on sale at the craft store, I often stock up as I like to use it for die cutting as it already has the adhesive on it. Another thing I use are labels. If I find the quarter sheet, half sheet or full sheet labels marked down at the paper store or at a thrift store, I always buy it. I use it for delicate die cuts like the spiderweb above or the wreath down below. Imagine having to glue those babies on!
 Another use for the label paper is to adhere glitter. For the Jack o Lantern above, I die cut the pumpkin shape and punched out the face. I cut a small piece of label paper that would cover all the face holes, applied it to the back of the pumpkin and then just sprinkled glitter over the openings. this is much thinner than layering glitter paper behind the face.
Below, I did the same thing, only I used label paper as my background. I took the liner off, placed the wreath on the sticky surface (burnished it a little) and then sprinkled glitter over the whole surface....instant glitter paper and a delicate die cut attached!
 I also use sticker paper or label paper to make my quilt cards. Here is one where I am attaching squares to label paper. I also use it for my strip quilt cards.
Label paper....it is a good thing!

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Jan Castle said...

How right you are!!!! I've tried to glue delicate die cuts and it's a PAIN! Will be on the hunt for label sales!!!
Thanks Holly,