Friday, July 15, 2011

Walking up Multnomah Falls

There are several waterfalls along the Columbia River Gorge that borders Washington State and Oregon. It is a beautiful drive with many wonderful vistas.

As I shared yesterday, I hiked up the tallest of the falls along here, Multnomah. Below is the shot I took from the brink. You can see the cars in the parking lot to let you know how far up we are in this shot. You don't get the roar that you get at the brink of Yellowstone Falls, but you are higher. There are eleven switchbacks on the trail and many beautiful flowers on the walk. There were many beautiful views of the river from the walk.

Below is a shot I took along the trail, which was paved and very nice all the way. It was uphill all the way until the last few yards where it went downhill. I had my camera bag with me with three lens including my very heavy 70-200mm (2.8) zoom lens and extender. I tend to use my wide angle on the way up and my 24-70mm on the way down. That way, I can get the wider vistas on the way up and the closeups of the flowers on the way down. I have become a little spoiled using two camera bodies so I don't have to change lens as often, but only took one camera on this trip. I had to decide....extra camera or another lens? I made good use of all three lens so glad I did not leave any of them at home.

Below is a shot from the bridge of the brink of the lower falls.

A few years back, there was a huge rock that fell while a wedding party was standing on the bridge and some of the people were hurt. The huge rock sits in the pool at the bottom of the upper falls. No one is allowed down there now.

This was a great day spent with Jan! Tomorrow we hit the coast....which of course, includes a lighthouse. The Pacific coast to the west, mountains and waterfalls to the east, gardens, beautiful homes, and covered bridges in the area.....what is not to love? Oh, and throw in very pleasant weather and no sales tax!!

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