Thursday, July 14, 2011

Oregon Photos

Last week, I flew to Portland, Oregon to do Craft Fest with Petersen Arne, a distibutor of EK Success products. Had a great time with Kara Ward, also on the Creative Artist Team for EK Success Brands and all the other people I met.

I then stayed over and took Jan Castle (a regular reader and commentor on this blog) up on her invites to come visit her. We had a grand time! She picked me up on Friday and we headed over to the Columbia River Gorge. We went to several waterfalls and had a picnic lunch she prepared with her wonderful tuna and fantastic Oregon bread I fell in love with! Then we headed back to Salem, where she lives with her hubby, Jim and little dog, Lady.

Above is the Multnomah Falls, the second highest in the US (Yosemite is the highest). I hiked to the top of it while Jan waited. She did walk up to the bridge. It was a beautiful walk and a beautiful falls!

There were several falls along the way.....Jan had scoped out this "framed shot" of the waterfall.

Because Oregon gets so much rain, plants and trees grow so lush! The flowers were just beautiful. The weather was beautiful the whole time I was the 70's while the heat index at home was in the hundreds! The day I left, there was the misting rain that Oregon is famous for and allows the plants, fruits and nuts to grow so well there. I picked cherries and raspberries and blueberries and ate hazelnut bread....yum, yum!

The gorge was just gorgeous!!!! That is Washington State just north of the river (to the left).

Portland was also a neat city. Below is a shot from the West Hills I took from the car.

It also had a European flavor with all the bicyclists and I loved the Schwinn bicycle built for two!

Plus, though I was out of the hotel very little during the show, this was the second VW van I saw in one day, so I think there are more than average around here!

I saw many sights, so get ready for a visit to Oregon via the blog. Jan and I got along splendidly and even though seeing the sights was our priority, we did visit a few stores and got in a little crafting.

If you never have been to Oregon, you might want to consider it.....I loved it and do want to go back!

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Jan Castle said...

WOW, you are fast!!! I have not had a chance to view my photos yet...all 2,000 of them - LOL! Great memories Holly...y'all come back soon!!!