Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I am having problems getting photos to load. Hopefully these two I see will show up for you.

Jackson turned eight months old last week and I had the opportunity to spend Monday with him this week. We had a great time!

It was a beautiful day and we took a blanket outside and laid in the grass. That was after he had finished his work at the computer, of course!

I made a big circle on my trip, going to Memphis, Corinth, MS and Huntsville, AL. I passed five different places where the tornados of April 27th had hit. That was a day that will go down in history!

Hope these photos made it up and you enjoyed getting an update on my grandbaby!


Peggy Maier said...

Something wrong on my end of the computer - couldn't get any pictures except the new one of Jackson...MY, what gorgeous eyes & cheeks!

Peggy said...

Love to see how he is growing. But only one pictures loaded. Thanks for sharing.

Jan Castle said...

Picture one is great...Jackson certainly shows personality plus!!! Picture two is a red x...oh well, one out of two ain't bad - as the saying goes. LOL!