Saturday, July 16, 2011

Oregon Coast

Last Saturday, Jan and I drove over to the coast and spent a wonderful day! There are nine lighthouses along the coast of Oregon and we visited two of them. I had been along the coast from San Diego to San Francisco, but I had never been north of there (except when I went to Alaska). I would love to go to Victoria and then work my way down the coast of Washington and Oregon.

The weather was wonderful the whole time I was in Oregon. It was sunny and bright and perfect temperatures. This weekend, it was even mild in Atlanta....I think I brought some of that nice weather back with me!

Above is Cape Foulweather where there was a cute gift shop. Below is the view looking straight down at the water.

What a great view these homeowners have!

It was very windy along the coast and kites are very popular. Apparently, it is often cool there but it was very pleasant on this day.

Next, we will visit the lighthouse pictured in the photo at the top of this post.

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Jan Castle said...

I hope everyone is enjoying the Oregon tour as much as I am...and I was THERE!!! Thanks Holly,