Sunday, August 7, 2011

MBT Shoes

You are probably wondering where I have been since I was last posting about Oregon! Well, life happens but I am here and resuming my post about Oregon.

When I travel, I always take MBT shoes, basically because that is all I wear. Jan Castle, who I visited while in Oregon, asked about my shoes and she bought a pair after I left. I always warn people that they are not inexpensive shoes but that I really believe in them. Well, she just bought her second pair. Thus, this post is related to my trip to Oregon! Kinda, sorta.

Above, is a photo of me before MBT.....guess you could call it bmbt! Or you can just call me fat! LOL! I was at Tallulah Gorge with my mother and sister.

I first found out about MBT shoes while visiting the Mall of America while in town for the PGA Championship two years ago. Below is a photo of me wearing my very first pair on the very first day. I was at the Minnehaha Waterfalls.
At the Walking Store, they told me I shouldn't wear them to the tournament as they might take some time to get used to them. I think I would have been just fine wearing them!
I literally wore them out of the store and did not want to take them off.
For Christmas that year, Jim bought me a pair of MBT sandals. At the end of the summer, the tan lines on my feet were of those sandals!
Below, is me wearing MBT sandals while walking to a waterfall in the Columbia River Gorge.

Below, I am wearing the same sandals while at the Outer Banks.

Walking at the beach with my MBT shoes....

Whether I am on the sand, working a convention, climbing waterfalls or lighthouses, walking the neighborhood or at the farm or walking through pollen at a garden, I am wearing MBT's! There are a lot of wannabes our there on the market, and I have tried some of them, but they aren't the same. If you ever shop for shoes, I am sure you have seen all the "rocker" type shoes.

Joyce bought a pair before we went on the Rockies trip last year, but she said she felt unstable when she stood still. That is actually them working as you improve your balance. I am not sure if she ever wore them enough to get used to them....I hope she did.

Obviously, it takes more than a pair of shoes to lose over eighty pounds, but it does take activity, especially when you are my age. My MBT shoes help me get in that activity.

The PGA Championship begins tomorrow here in Atlanta. I have tickets for all seven days. I am not sure that I will be going all seven days as Jim won't go all he says, someone has to work around here! I have, however, been known to strike off all alone....yes, it is true. But, the days I do go, I will be wearing my MBT's! After all, it is our anniversary! It has been two years since I first met my first MBT! I have been on the go ever since!


Jan Castle said...

Yes's MBT's for me!!! Right after you left Oregon, I bought my first pair...second pair now on order - yipee! My feet don't scream at me anymore, and I don't have to take asprain at the end of the day. What a difference they make - Awesome!!! Thanks for telling me about them!!! By the way, you look wonderful with the 80pounds off Holly - keep up the good work!

Mary Dew Lee said...

Holly - I've heard you mention your shoes many times over the last year and you've got me convinced. I'm heading to Chicago tomorrow for a little shopping spree with my daughter before she leaves for college in a couple of weeks. My plan was to try to find a pair of Birkenstocks while there, but maybe I'll hunt for MBT's instead!

Holly's Hobbies said...

I have had Birkenstocks and they do look cool, but at my age, I go more for comfort and being in shape over looking cool! LOL! I just believe in telling others when I find something good! I have my legs in I am going swimming and working on the arms! Still walking as I love to walk.
I love Chicago!!!