Saturday, June 25, 2011

St Marks Lighthouse

I promised you some photos of the lighthouse at the St Marks Wildlife Refuge, so here they are...

Below, you can see the wildlife watching post near the lighthouse. It overlooks a marshy area, so it would be a great place to watch for birds.

I love the clouds that were present here. I always think of growing in up Florida when I see the high cumulus clouds. I am no cloud expert, but I believe that is what they are called. I think of Joyce now when I see clouds, especially at sunrise or sunset, as she says you have to have clouds for it to be spectacular as that is what takes on the color. Here they are just white and fluffy. Every once in a while, you will get lucky and a bird will fly into your composition!

Below is my favorite shot of the lighthouse with the white sand leading your eye towards the lighthouse.

I like to walk around and get shots from a lot of different angles.

Often, I will include some greenery in a corner to frame the shot.

Below, I had another bird fly into the photo. There were lots of birds there!

I guess I should be glad there weren't lots of gators, like the day the young man saw 64 of them...though that would have been exciting. Tina told me that from her experience on St. George, those gators can get around pretty fast!

Sometimes, I like to take a shot of a texture like this palm tree trunk. It could make a nice background.

The wedding for which I am doing the flowers next weekend uses sunflowers, so when I saw a stand of them on this day, I wanted to take some photos. As I got closer, I saw several signs that said, "You pick these, you will be shot!" Luckily, I was the only one doing the shooting...with my camera!

Here was one more lighthouse we saw this day. I don't get as excited about the ones with metal bases but I took a photo of it just to remember it.

Well, that is at least eight lighthouses that I remember seeing this year so far. Four in NC and four in Florida. No, make that nine. I climbed the one at St. Simons Island, GA in January.

Hope you have enjoyed them!


nise said...

It has been WAY too long since I've had time to stop by and visit! Jackson is getting better looking every time I see him. And he's going to have a cousin!! I sure hope Allison is ok. Happy 35th Anniversary! Your pictures are gorgeous, as always. Thanks so much for dragging me along and thanks to Jim for being such a good sport about your interests. I really hope you and Jan Castle have a great time when you're out yonder. Safe travels, Holly.

Jan Castle said...

Yes, I did enjoy them - each and every one of them!!! Glad the gators did not get you...they can make a big ouch if you get too close. You should visit a gator farm...fearful sight!!! Thanks to Nise for wishing us well in our visit in July!!! Can't wait!