Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cape St. George Island, Florida

On our trip around the Big Bend in the Panhandle of Florida last week, we took the bridge over to St. George Island. There is a state park there and a light house that has been restored. The lighthouse was originally on the next island and it was pushed over by the water. The pieces were recovered and the lighthouse was rebuilt here on the main island. The bricks were cleaned and reused and heart pine steps were built. Each window has pieces of the granite that were in the original lighthouse. A museum and lighthouse keepers house is under construction next to the lighthouse.

The beach here made the list of top ten beaches on Mr. Beach's list this year.

Below, you can see the bridge that takes you to the island in a photo I took from the top of the lighthouse.....a very long bridge with lots of sea gulls flying around!

I have never had to climb a ladder in a lighthouse. It was a little difficult with two cameras strapped around my neck, but at least I didn't have the extra poundage to deal with!The top is all glassed in and there was a fan to help with circulation of air.

I have a postcard on my fridge that Tina sent me of the lighthouse when she and her husband were camping there. I would like to go back sometime and spend more time exploring the park and enjoying the beach.

This week, I am in Memphis, visiting with Allison. Her husband is in Little Rock, Arkansas for classes for school, so I am chief cook and bottle washer...water bottles, not baby bottles! Today, I take her for her weekly injection, basically the only time she leaves the house all week. She divides her time between the bed and the recliner. She declared this week that she is officially fat (as fat as one can be and weigh around a hundred pounds and be 22 weeks pregnant...LOL!)...she does have a little bit of belly and you can feel the baby moving around. I am catching her ironing up, though it will be a while before she will wear these clothes again!

I will go by and see Jackson on the way home. He turned eight months old yesterday. I am sure he has changed a lot since I saw him last. Then a wedding to do and then Portland...whoo hoo!!

Have a great day!

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Jan Castle said...

Cute feet there Holly!!! Did the climb make you dizzy??? Great pics from the top!
I am taking pictures Sunday for a wedding and then...guess who is coming to visit...LOL! Woo Hoo!