Monday, June 27, 2011

Shelby Farms Park, Memphis TN

Beautiful flowers, great places to walk and a home for birds and wildlife....what is not to love?

If you read my blog very often, you know that I love to walk at McDaniel Farm Park near where I live. There is also a farm park near my daughter's house in the Memphis area that I love to visit. It is one of the largest parks in area located in a metropolitan area. There are now three green lines that intersect here at Shelby Farms Park, so it is a great place for bikers or joggers or walkers of all ages.

They have recently redone the playground so it will be a great place to take the new grand baby when he gets old enough to enjoy that sort of thing. I was always there early in the morning to walk, before the playground opened, so I did not get shots of it.

I spent last week at Allison's while Craig was out of town and I did go over to the park each morning to walk. There is a trail that is 2.75 miles long that takes you past all sorts of lakes, ponds, flowers, birds and even buffalo!

Below is the visitor center where the offices are located, trail information and classrooms.

One of my favorite ponds are covered with lily pads and blossoms. Looks like the orange winged blackbirds like it also!

Below are paddle boats available for rentals....

These yellow flowers with a burgundy center were blooming everywhere during this visit....

as well as the Queen Anne's Lace........

Bison in Memphis....who knew? Wonder how that coat feels when the temps get over a hundred?

Allison names her fantasy football team the Shelby County Bisons after them.

A bicyclist enjoys the wide open spaces.....

Trumpet vine puts on a beautiful show.....

When I see something iconic like a John Deere tractor, I like to take a photo of it. Never know when I will need to make a card for one of my grandsons with a tractor on it. Jackson already has a collection of John Deere tractors!

On another side of the park is the agricenter when they have a market. I love markets! I visited on Friday to get some produce.

I was fascinated by this pea sheller. I spent many hours as a child shelling peas, which I actually enjoy doing. Nothing like sitting out on the porch and shelling peas! This does make it much more convenient to get fresh peas though!

I am now in Alabama and will be watching Jackson today! Hoping to have a very fun day with him. Hope you have a great day as well!

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Jan Castle said...

No wonder you are looking so good...all that walking!
Enjoy Jackson,