Saturday, April 9, 2011

Reporting in from the Masters

Greetings from the Masters! Friday was a beautiful day at Augusta National! We did not go on Thursday and we are staying at a different location this year and then my iPhone had the wrong time and then the batteries were bad in my binoculars with image stabilization. So it was kind of a rough start to a day that settled down and went well.

Jim bought a new white hat, which I told him would get so dirty. Our friends at sixteen hole pointed out that Emmitt Smith, the football legend, was sitting near us. We watched him play at Florida when he was a freshman in college (actually all three years he was there) ! Anyway, that new white hat now has Emmitt's autograph on it and won't get dirty afterall!

We met some nice people at the sixteenth hole and on Saturday will be showing a couple of friends from Nevada around. One of them has been there before with us but the other is a first timer. It is always fun to show a newbie around to see the beautiful grounds of Augusta National. Our friends that used the badges on Thursday were first timers and loved it!

My iphone is now behaving and I am enjoying the Masters app on my iPad. You can see the 3D cameras in use from our seats (they have two lens), but we are seeing the action in 3D....could be 4D today as rain is predicted. :-(

Can't take my camera in, but did have our photos done in front of the clubhouse. Trying to figure our why those security guards felt like they had to stand on Founders Circle and get in my photo!

Sunday we will see the people at the church we always go to on the Sunday of the Masters. Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Also, sorry that some of my photos of DC are coming up as "x's" know I hate it when that happens and don't know what causes it. The photos are there when I schedule the post, so just don't understand it. Also have some updated photos to show you of Callaway when I took a second trip, I am planning on going over to see Mr. Jackson and visit the Huntsville Gardens. I had to choose going with Jim to Mobile and going to Bellingrath or going to see Jackson, so Jackson won! He will be six months old next week!!!

Have a great day!


Joyce across the Pond said...

Oh, I always enjoy your 'Masters' photos....the grounds are so immactulately kept....and of course the outgoing Champion and the wannabe Champion are both from wee Northern Ireland....Graeme and Rory. Have a great time and may the best golfer win, regardless.

Jan Castle said...

Oh my! You two look great!!!! And you say Jackson is 6 months how time flies! They grow so fast at that age...I'm happy you are not missing out!