Friday, April 8, 2011

Photographing Washington DC Monuments

I never tire of going to the monuments in Washington DC. Most every time I go, I see a different perspective or see something I have not noticed before. Framing other monuments or buildings from another is always a neat shot. Above, the Washington Monument is framed by columns at the Jefferson Memorial. Another favorite shot of mine is the Capitol from the Supreme Court Building. An example of looking down is the marking at the Lincoln Memorial of the spot where Martin Luther King stood when he presented his I have a Dream speech. I am not sure if I had noticed that before, but I had read about it so I looked for it this time. Also, be sure to look up, look down, look all around! The architecture in Washington is just so great!
The shot below is from the side of the Lincoln Memorial, looking all the way down the National Mall, towards the Capitol building. Unfortunately, the reflecting pool has been torn up for quite a while now, as it was that way on my last trip to DC. Hopefully, it will be complete when I return.

I had photographed the Korean War Memorial before, but somehow had missed this granite wall with the etching. In it you can see the etching, a reflection of the statues and a reflection of anyone passing by, so you get several levels. On Friday, when I walked around the tidal basin, there were puddles from the rain, and they made great shots of the cherry blossoms above. I mentioned this to someone that I asked to take my photo....she had not even noticed the puddles. Remember to look around for those framing or reflective opportunities. Look where you are going, but also turn around and look to see where you have been!


Joyce said...

None of your photos are showing up today, just four questions boxes.

Candy Meyers said...

I had the same problem yesterday and again today. Are you doing something different?