Saturday, April 9, 2011

American History Museum

It was cold outside as you can see from this darling little girl. I was dressed in layers like her, so when I went in the Smithsonian Museum of American History, I was too warm and it was too crowded with school groups there for spring break, plus I was tired, so it was a quick visit. I did go in the exhibit of first ladies' dresses, which is always fun to see.
The other thing I wanted to see was the flag which inspired the Star Spangled Banner Anthem. When I took my children to DC when they were in fifth grade, it was hanging in the lobby. Unfortunately, though that was a great way to view it, it was doing a lot of damage to the flag. It is now displayed in a large case in the dark and no photography is allowed. It is now behind this wall. The museum was closed for renovations (this being one of them) the last few times I was in town, so I was happy to get to see the new display.

I love anything that involves car tags, so I really liked this framed art in the gift shop. I love the one they carry at Target of the map of the US done in car tags as well as the Preamble done in tags I have seen in a museum in DC. I guess that is because I am a travelin kind of history loving girl!

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