Friday, March 25, 2011

Blooming in the woods at the McDaniel Farm

The last time I took my camera to the farm, the temperature was cold and the blood root was not showing itself, but it is in full bloom now. It is just such a pretty flower situated in all the brown leaves and pine straw on the ground.
The toad shade trillium has also popped their red blooms and there are hundreds of them. It is just so neat to me to have a location so close to where I live where there is so much nature and beauty to behold. You would never know that you are within walking distance of a major shopping area and mall!

I tried to capture a photo showing that these are growing everywhere in this wooded area, but I just could not capture it. What a breath of fresh air!
I think I scared Jim the other day when I told him that I had finished my projects and decided to reward myself....I am sure he is thinking, what has she bought or what has she eaten as those were the ways I have rewarded myself in the past. I said, no, I got in the car and went to the farm for a walk!
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Jan Castle said...

Good for you!!!! Can't say that would be my response to my Jim...LOL! The photography-yes, shopping-yes, the walking...probably a no!
Walk a few miles for me!