Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring at McDaniel Farm

What a gorgeous time of year! The dogwoods have come out this week and the phlox is blooming....and the pollen is filling the air!
Guess you can't have beautiful flowers...and grass and trees without pollen though, right?

Wednesday in Atlanta, it was quite windy and in some places it looked like it was snowing with all the blossoms being blown about.
Thursday, Joyce and I are going to take a ride over to Callaway Gardens. I have been wanting to go there in the spring for a couple of years now, so we are going. Don't think the azaleas will be fully open, but I am sure that it will still be pretty. Can't wait until next week as I will be in Washington DC, hopefully with beautiful cherry trees. Allison was there this week and they had not opened their blooms yet. The following week is Masters week and the azaleas usually are in full bloom at Augusta. No practice round tickets this year, so no photos. Sorry about that.
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Jan Castle said...

YUM! Our flowers are beginning to pop out it, love it, love it!!!! I remember all the flowers on your side of the US...actually similar here on the West Coast! You are a bit ahead of us this year tho'!!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos HOlly!