Saturday, March 26, 2011

Callaway Gardens Butterfly House

Joyce and I were able to go down to Callaway Gardens on Thursday. It is located near Pine Mountain and Warm Springs (where FDR had his little White House), just northeast of Columbus, GA. I visit the gardens each November and had been there twice in the spring, but it had been several years. I liked it so much on this visit, that I bought an annual pass, so expect more visits there. Joyce and I had a lovely day and shared many memories from last year's Thelma and Louise trip to the Rockies.

One of my favorite attractions at Callaway is the butterfly house. Whereas the on at the Huntsville Botanical Gardens does not have butterflies year round, the one at Callaway does.

One of my favorite butterflies that always are represented there is the blue morph. On the outside of their wings, they are brown with very pretty markings. When they fly or open their wings quickly while feeding, the most gorgeous blue lights up. It almost looks neon and is such a contrast to the outside of their wings. Below is one having breakfast. Morning is the best time to go to a butterfly house as the butterflies seem more active. They love to be in sunny areas. You also have a better chance to beat the tour groups and school buses (not a good sight to a photographer when you pull up and see those in the parking lot!)

So many beautiful butterflies to see! Then there were a lot of them emerging into their short lives.

The tulips in the gardens were so pretty, the azaleas were just beginning to open and the flame azaleas were beautiful. Many more photos to come.

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Jan Castle said...

Oh my...reminders of my trip to FL and taking pictures of the blue morph in Gainsville! Sigh!!! Looking forward to more pictures!