Thursday, February 10, 2011

St. Simons Island Light House

I love lighthouses and always go to visit this one when on St.Simon's Island. It is within walking distance from the hotel (if you like to walk like me). I also wanted to visit the lighthouse at Sapelo Island this year but they had cancelled the tour. It is only accessible by ferry but I found something even better. I will still have Sapelo for another year. I will tell you about Saturday's adventures later!

Anyway, it is always good to take a shot with signage that identifies the location as shown above.

Sometimes, with architecture, I like to do a photo that is symmetrical, as below. The shadows keep the photo from being exactly symmetrical. I did a watercolor of this shot years ago.

While the lighthouse is the star, there are other things you can use to compliment the lighthouse or frame it. Above, the flags were standing out on a very breezy day. I prefer to get the flag in it's proper position with the field (star portion) in the upper left hand side, but that cannot always be accomplished. I also usually take several shots of a windblown flag so I can choose the best one. It's digital...easy to delete the others! Wait until you get home and can see them on the computer though, as sometimes you can not tell a photo is a little out of focus on the camera. I love the little lighthouse flag at the bottom!

Below, I used this tree to add some interest and to frame the lighthouse. Reminds me of Vanna White, holding our her arms as she presents the letters...LOL!
This year, I paid money (a mere $6, which included the museum) and went to the top, so more to share.....
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Jan Castle said...

Wonder if the tree is one of the 'Vana Wannabees'...guess you follow Wheel too - LOL! Great lighthouse pictures Holly!