Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Closeup Photography

To do closeup or macro photography, you really need a tripod or at least a monopod. I did not take my monopod and I need to buy a good tripod, so I had several shots I had to delete due to camera shake. It is just hard to hold the camera still and push down the shutter. You can help matters by setting the timer and then you don't have the movement from physically pushing the shutter down. As a photographer, I sometimes need to slow down and see to some of these details, but being a "more is better" person, I tend to forge on and see more and get less details.
Another suggestion on cutting down camera shake is to lean against something that is stable as you take the shot or even setting the camera on a still object and setting the timer. Also, you might want to switch your focus from automatic to manual so you have more say in the portion of the subject you want to be in focus.
Like I said in the last post, you can use the macro setting on your camera for closeups. I do have a very nice macro lens and I need to use it more to get to know it. Hopefully this spring I can go to some gardens, with a tripod or at least my monopod and get some macro practice in.
Regardless of the technical things, the camellia is a beautiful flower! The one above is so showy with all it's ruffles! Sometimes a shaded bloom is best as the sun tends to wash out the color. I also like to get shots that include the leaves and buds. If you want to later identify a blossom, it is always good to take a shot with leaves in it also, as the leaves are a key item in identification.
Another option, if you are photographing your own flowers, is to cut the flowers and then you can control the surroundings and lighting.

Fern and moss growing on brick or stone is always interesting to me. Some plants go to such efforts to survive!
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JANLYNN said...

Beautiful flowers. I can hardly wait for spring to get in the garden and try some of these tips.

Jan Castle said...

Great tips happy Spring is right around the corner here in Salem. My camera is ready and so am I!!!