Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Details in the Cemetery

It is always interesting to notice the details in a cemetery. One obvious detail is how old the dates are...above you see the graves of soldiers that fought in the Civil War. Eugenia Price wrote about this area and uses the names of several people buried in this cemetery in her books. After visiting the lighthouse this year, I have decided to try to read her books before I return next year.

Another detail I am drawn to at this location is the trees with spanish moss. Since I grew up just south of here, it just feels like "home" to me. The morning light creates great shadows of these trees. This is an example of a good use for a wide angle lens. Even point and shoot cameras have a fairly wide lens and that is why I often carry it with me when I don't carry my wide angle lens. A point and shoot camera is also great for capturing details like signs or names on a tombstone you want to remember but might not care about having a high mega pixel photo.
I carried my close up lens with me to capture the camellias and details like the ones below. Your camera probably has a macro mode...on Canon cameras it is usually denoted by a tulip on your controls.

It is often good to shoot off center rather than centering the subject, just as I did above. I often find a camellia bloom lying on this headstone and that is an option if you want to add some color to your photo....add a flower to it. Just a thought.
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Jan Castle said...

The Spanish Moss is lovely and somehow peaceful to see. Your detail pictures are very interesting...I've never tried taking pictures in a cemetary.