Monday, February 7, 2011

Figures in the Cemetery

You might ask, why do you go back to the same place every year? I always find something different on every trip! I had never wandered over behind the other building and when I did this time, I found some wonderful figurines in that portion of the cemetery. Also, every visit, the light will be a little different, conditions change....I wish I lived close enough to get it in every season! Too bad I did not know about this spot and Jekyll when I lived in Jacksonville!
Anyway, here are some great figurines I found. The one above had this below it..."It is still morning and the sun is shining"....definitely true on this lovely morning! He has a bird on his shoulder and one at his foot.

The little angel above has so much expression to it! Unfortunately, the one below has a little too much light on it's face. I tried switching over to b&w to bring out more detail, but it did not help too much.
I found out this morning that the Booth Western Art Museum in Cartersville, GA has an exhibit of Ansel Adams photos. He did wonderful b&w photography. I have to make it over there to see that. As they say, you can see the West without leaving the South! Gotta love it!
I do love the chubby feet and toes on this angel...makes me miss a certain little angel named Jackson!
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nise said...

These statues are beautiful!! I would love a rubber stamp of the little cherub with the chubby feet. He has so many possibilities. I enjoy going again to a place I may already have visited. You just never know what you'll see the second time around.

Jan Castle said...

Great photos Holly! As you say, the same site will look different every time you get busy traveler!!!LOL!