Friday, February 11, 2011

Climbing the Lighthouse

When you are inside rooms or small spaces like a lighthouse or you want to cover a wide perspective like from the top of the lighthouse, it is a great time to use your wide angle lens.

All of the paint was redone last year (preventing me from climbing the lighthouse last January) so everything is still very fresh looking. I like the black and white of this lighthouse. Each lighthouse has day markings that identify it as well as patterns in the light at nighttime that identifies it. This one is just white and black, while the one at Sapelo is red and white. There are 129 steps in this one, so it is an easy climb. I had it all to myself.
From the top of the lighthouse, you can see the pier at the village of St. Simon's Island, a water park, a portion of the gazebo near the light, a big bridge in the distance and Jekyll Island across the water. I like to walk along the beach all the way from the hotel to this area, but it has to be done at low tide, which fell at times when I was out and about this time.

You can just barely see the lens above. From the balcony of our hotel, you can see the light of the lighthouse at night.
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