Saturday, February 12, 2011

Jekyll Island, Georgia

Jekyll Island is called "Georgia's Jewel" and I can understand why. I still can't believe that I grew up in Jacksonville, FL and only visited this island one time that I remember. We met some friends there when I was pregnant with Jason (yes, full term in wonder I don't remember much about that day!). The one thing I do remember is the millionaire row where all the big houses were built for the rich to come play on Jekyll Island.

That was 1982 and there has been a lot of water under the fact there is even a new bridge, as you can see above. I saw people walking across the bridge and so I decided to do that also. After all, I have walked out to the midpoint of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and the Lions Bridge in St. Augustine! Bridges kind of fall in that "if it is up high, Holly is going to try to tackle it" category! Well, it was a VERY windy day and I only made it about a quarter way out there. I had my two cameras with me and that traffic would fly by, but I think it was the wind that bothered me the most. I hope to make it to the top the next time I am there, but on this trip, the bridge won! I do have photos I took from up there and the supports make a great "H" if you are looking for photos of letters (which I do), but I have a lot of photos from Jekyll that I think you will find interesting.

Here again, I love the trees and moss on this barrier island! It was a gorgeous day and I invited a friend to join me. We had a wonderful time! She also enjoys photography so we spent the day on the island....though her husband was worried that we were going shopping. Photography opportunities rate higher with me than shopping opportunities! Besides, I had already had a "fix" at the outlets in Foley, AL, plus, thrift store shopping has spoiled me somewhat from the retail experience!
Below, is the Jekyll Island Hotel and Club. Just gorgeous and look at that sky! Above the croquet players were dressed in their white uniforms.....I just love the south....especially in winter! These guys would get lost in the northeast with all the white snow! Couldn't play "Where's the croquet player" there! Many more photos from Jekyll to come!
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Jan Castle said...

Beautiful pics! Great sky...I have a picture I took of the old railrod - now walking bridge with that same kind of sky...everyone thinks I doctored the picture...LOL! Jan

JANLYNN said...

Sure looks good after all the yuk weather we have had the last few weeks.