Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine Cards

I mentioned in an earlier post that I received a lovely valentine from my friend, Tina. Here it is. She commented that she designed this card the week we were snowed/iced in here in Atlanta, so she had to "make do" with what she had on hand....hate to see what she would come up with if she went to the store and chose materials! LOL! Tina is the queen of layering. I counted twelve layers on this card, beginning with the Happy Valentines banner that she cut out by hand back to the actual card! I told her I had heard of seven layer salads, but a twelve layer card? Just lovely! I gave her the chain punch from MSC that she has the little hearts on (covering the flower) for her birthday and she put it to good use. Thanks, Tina!
My cards are a little simpler! I did several of the quilted ones like below. I used paper, stamps and embellishments from We R Memory that were all coordinated. I guess that is cheating to use coordinated things, but something about it reminded me of the days of getting the box of Valentines back in my childhood and going through and choosing certain ones for certain people.
For my quilt, I did my pieced quilt, quilted with gutter guard and then used Spellbinderders heart as the frame. I have several of these heart die from the time there was a mess up on the die and I was on the DT and working at CHA, so I was able to cut four frames at a time in my Excalibur! I thought the embossed embellishments that We R Memory had to go with the papers and stamps were very pretty....and simple to put together in a card. Makes me feel a little guilty after seeing Tina's beautiful layered card...oh well, I will get over it!
Hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day....more cards to come!
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