Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snowmen and Snow Creations

While at the cabin after Christmas, we had plenty of snow for a snowman. Once the texture hardened some from the fluff that it was, my nephew and I built a snowman. I decorated him with Gator hat, scarf, flag, etc., and we took photos but here are some after he was disrobed. Craig did not especially want to be identified as a Gator fan so he was taking some photos when the snowman became plain.
The snow was fun and at the cabin, you don't mind being snowed in....for a while.

Here in Atlanta, we woke up Monday morning to several inches of snow. I measured over six inches at our house. I know that that seems like very little to you who live in areas where you get snow all the time. Unfortunately, here in the south, we do not have enough machinery to clear the roads. This snow came fast and furious so that they could not keep up with it.
Much of the snow has turned to ice and there is very little time this week when we are going to be above freezing. The airport is basically shut down, semis are jacknifed on the interstates and driving is just dangerous. My supplies I need for projects can not be delivered by Fed Ex.

So, what do you do when you are snowed in? Build a snowman or at least go around and check out the ones that your neighbors have built. I figure I had reached my quota of one snowman per winter, so I just photographed the ones in the hood.

Gold chocolate coins for eyes....haven't seen that one before!

I love sand castles, but don't think I had seen a snow castle in the neighborhood before...pretty cool!

Aluminum cans provided the eyes on the snowman below. Guess that is one way to recycle!

Father and Son snowmen, I guess?

Now, if I have to choose a snowman figure for myself, I want the one below.....LOL!

Looks like someone was beginning an igloo here with the help of snow packed into large black plastic pots. Not sure the utility company will be thrilled about the use of the flags, though!

They say the roads are worse today than they were yesterday, so guess Jim will be home again today. Maybe I can walk to the gym for a workout....that is if they are open!!! The windchill will be in the single digits though...maybe I will just run up and down my stairs in the house!

Stay safe and stay warm!

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