Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Shoebox Cards Continued

For our stamp club meeting, we set up "stations" at each spot and you moved around to complete the different cards. Below, you see my argyle card and instructions. The packets were made up and put in ziplock bags for the members to pick up and complete.

Here are five more of the cards we made. The one at the bottom is actually a card I made at home with hand decorated paper one sweet lady had brought for us to make cards from. I chose to take my paper home and cut it out with one of my nestabilities. We had a fun time, followed up with lunch at Jason's Deli.

We got over six inches of snow on the ground here in Atlanta on Sunday night and as I am writing this Tuesday morning, it sounds like there was no improvement on the roads over night, so sounds like I am homebound for another day!
Hope you are all safe and warm!


JANLYNN said...

Such nice cards. Sounds like you had a nice meeting. Hope you are warm and safe. We only got 2 1/2 inches here in West Tennessee and the roads are almost clear. I am glad since it sounds like the next couple of days are going to be cold cold cold.

Jan Castle said...

Homebound is a good thing...just think of all the work you can get done..."think" being the operative word here...actually I 'think' it would be better to play! Glad you had fun with the ladies!!!
P.S. We missed the predicted snow storm and just got a dusting today...hopefully it will not do more tomorrow as I have things to do and places to go!!!! LOL