Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Martha Stewart Crafts Punch All Over the Page Punches

With most punches, you are limited to the "reach" of the punch. You can not punch in the center of a 12 by 12 inch sheet of paper normally, but with these new punches you can do exactly that. Even die cuts are limited in positioning by the size of paper that the die cutting machine will handle.
With the new Punch All Over the Page punches from Martha Stewart Crafts, you can punch where ever you want the opening on any sized piece of paper.
You can turn the orientation of the punch (as seen on the strip in the first photo) or you can go to the very center of a page (as on this white paper that was also punched with a Punch Around the Page set). You can punch a single opening, or you can combine multiple punches to create a pattern.

You can punch a center opening and then turn the orientation of the punch to enlarge the pattern.
If you don't feel comfortable "eyeballing" the positioning, you can always punch separate pieces and then put them together as on the example done in green and cream below.

The Punch All Over the Page punches come in two parts. You position the bottom portion of the punch under the paper and the top portion on top of the paper. What positions the blades to match is the set of very strong magnets at the four corners. You do need to make sure you line up the corners on the top and the bottom to match. Three of the corners are rounded while one is squared off. You make sure the squared off top is placed directly over the squared off bottom and the punch top and bottom will snap together so that the blades mesh together perfectly.
When you are placing the top part of the punch over the paper and bottom part of the punch, you might want to hold the paper in place with a small instrument as seen above, or with your finger, making sure you keep your finger out of the way. When those magnets get near each other, they definitely snap together! You can see the two squared off corners in the photo above. The magnets are the four circles that you can see in the very last photo below.

You can also make markings on the punch to aid you in lining up the punch to create an overall pattern. I used a permanent marker to draw extensions on the punch on all four sides to show me where to line up the next punch. (There is a photo down below that shows my markings). You can also pay attention to the placement of particular parts of the pattern and replicate that placement as you make additional punches.

It is a good idea to make a template of each of the punches you own and keep them in a book with the product code and name of the punch for future reference. For these, I cut a template, including the size of the actual punch in addition to the size of the punched area.
This particular punch is called Floral Tile. I like it as I think it has the look of a quilt when created in a pattern. Another design I have my eye on is the Rose Window. Even the basic shapes would be great for creating openings in your cards or layouts without worrying about how far the punch will "reach"....with these, you can reach for the stars! They are definitely a good thing!


Jan Castle said...

Hummm, and I just though I had everything I could possibly need or want in the punch department!

Ms said...

ok, it's all your fault that I went out & bought this... I'm gonna be telling my husband that too.....LOL. Thanks, I think, for sharing!!

Leanne ... said...

That punch has been on my wish list for ages. Love all your directions. I need to get going and get it.