Friday, December 3, 2010

Rustic Christmas Cards

Here is an example of one of my rustic christmas cards. This one had a cabin inside so I think it was from 2003. I remember that I put a pine scent on the piece of balsa wood that has the pine cone stamped on it. I made the envelope and tag. Often, I will make Christmas cards half sheet size as I do a letter that goes inside.
Speaking of rustic, I snapped a photo of this birdhouse while at my sister's. She has a barn that looks a lot like this, but because of the lighting, I could not have the barn in the background of the photo as it was in shadow.
Another item I like is old photos. this was the inside of a card from a previous year that featured a "picture pile" of some old photos. They were all printed on the insert of the card.
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Jan Castle said...

So nice to look back...great job Holly!