Monday, December 6, 2010

Having fun with Jackson

I wanted to finish up the stocking for Jackson and take his photos with some of his Christmas finery. Above is a shot with him and the little ornament I bought with his name. This is an example of using depth of field where the focus is sharp on the ornament and you can still see him though he is a little out of focus.
He turned six weeks old last week and he is really changing. He makes little faces at you and loves to make shapes with his mouth!
I cross stitched his name on a bookmark and am sewing it on a purchased stocking....with a little company as you can see. His Dad and Grandpa always loved a good Sunday afternoon nap! I am sewing the bookmark on and then I added some buttons.
Beside a sunny window is such a great spot for photographs. There is nothing like natural light! I folded up some new white towels on which to place him and bought the nubby throw to use for photo shoots. I figure I better tie in some photography tips rather than just being a doting grandmother! Many more outfits were photographed and will be shared!

What kind of crafting are you doing this month?
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Sandra said...

so sweet!

Jan Castle said...

Ahhhhh! Best photographed baby in the world...LOL! Sooooo cute Holly!
I've been busy with more faux quilting...will send you a couple of pics. Also wanting to do string art with needle and thread on paper...any idea what it's called and where I can get some patterns...I'm having no luck finding much. Thanks,

JANLYNN said...

So So sweet. I warn you they grow up way too fast. It seems like yesterday my grandboys were this size. Now I am makeing toppers for the gift sacks they are takeing for their school Christmas parties.

Laura Lipe, Pisgah Forest, NC said...

Holly, I am loving these pictures of Jackson!! He's such a cutie and you are so smart to get alot of picture while he is young (and still)! Ha! I LOVE his stocking! I want to make a card like it with the three snowmen. Thanks for sharing!! Oh, and you look GREAT yourself!!!! I can tell you've been working out, dieting, or something!! Smiles, Laura