Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Man of many Hats!

I have much better shots of Jackson in his santa hat but this may be the way you are feeling about now, this far into December! LOL! Hopefully not! My philosophy with photography is to capture the moment. It might not be the moment you meant for it to be, but sometimes they turn out even funnier!

Both of my kids tell me that my days of using Jackson as a model is limited as there is only a short period that I will be able to do this, so I am making the most of it! That includes getting hats that I think are so cute on a little this bear hat. What is not to love?
Or this striped is even funnier when it is standing straight up. His onsie says "Who needs Santa when I have Grandma"....can't you see his lips saying, Who?...such a brilliant child!

Last but not least is the little red hat I shared with you last week. I told Jackson that he looked good in red and Jessica reminded me that Alabama's color is red....oh well!

Tips for photographing babies.....the throws with the soft nubby cloth make great backdrops. Have a contrast in the colors. For instance, I got a brown throw thinking that it would look great with the bear hat....wrong! They were so similar in colors that the ears did not show up well. Photograph when baby is well rested and fed....or even asleep! You might want to get them in the outfit earlier so changing of the clothes does not get them all stirred up! Find that light coming through a window, especially good if you have a light curtain to filter the light.
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Jan Castle said...

What a precious little guy - his outfits are adorable!!! I agree, make the most of the time you have to take pics like this...I love it!
Jan Castle


This little one is adorable and he handles your picture taking like a pro! I love all the photos!

Candy Meyers said...

Jackson isn't going to be one spoiled baby, is he? What cute outfits.
Candy Meyers