Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Cards Received

I love good mail days and Thursday was a great mail day. While I was away doing flowers for a 50th Wedding Anniversary Reception, I got three packages and two handmade cards!!!

One package was toys for Jackson I ordered, belts (and a few things thrown in for me) from Chicos for Allison and a box of new product from EK Success (those are always fun to look through!).

But I was really excited to get two handmade cards! Aren't they both lovely? They really made me happy! I am just beginning on mine, so these gave me impetus to charge forward! It reminded me how much it means to get a card made by hand. Each year, there is that moment when you ask yourself....why do I do this....does anyone even notice? Does anyone care? So this was a good reminder that yes, it is worth the work that is put into them!
On a sad note, Saturday we have the last meeting of our Stamp Club. December is always a special holiday meeting. I have shared photos from it before. The group is disbanding :-(
I have the anniversary reception at two, but I am definitely going to try to make it to this last meeting if I can get all done I need to get done for the reception.

Wishing everyone a fun weekend....hope you too get at least one handmade card this season!
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Jan Castle said...

What yummy cards! Thanks for sharing Holly!
Jan Castle