Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mad about Metallics Spotted Canary Challenge

As a member of the Creative Artist Team for EK Success, I contribute to the website, Spotted Canary. This month, I am hosting the monthly challenge and my theme is Mad about Metallics. It will feature all types of crafting that include something metallic. We use a lot of metallic items in paper crafting!

This was my christmas card from 2006. Notice all the uses of different metallic items...metallic cardstock, metallic embossing powder, metallic rubons (one of my favorite things to use!), metallic ribbon, metallic mica product, metal you get the idea? I think the shine we get from metallic items works great for holiday cards. I usually switch off and do shiny and classy one year and country, natural or rustic another. Metals can have a rustic look also.

Twice in the last week, I was in a friend's home where they had my cards from previous years out displayed and I must say, seeing all of them grouped together makes you see the value of handcrafted cards. Most of them I don't even have a sample of or the photo is on some computer I killed by overloading it with photos {:-)} ....not funny!

How about you...are you making cards this year....are they shiny or rustic? I did a quilt theme last year with moose, after going to Alaska. Well, I spent three weeks in the Rockies this year and the new Forever stamps are very cool evergreens, so I think that will be my theme. I do sometimes plan around the postage stamps that are available. Then there was the year that I had postage stamps made to match the card and had a bet with my hubby about whether people would notice or not. He won....guess my postage stamp design looked like something that would be on a postage stamp! Most people did not even notice!

Anyway, come by and check out the Spotted Canary. I would love to see you post something in the never know, you might just win!
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Diane Long said...

You have been chosen for a Cherry on Top Blog Award!! You need to post the award, 3 things about yourself you like. and pass on to 5 others. Your work is very inspiring!

Jan Castle said...

Too funny...wonder if I would have noticed the postage stamp? I love to study what you do're the BEST!